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dnreclogo DNREC Environmental Violations

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This listing includes civil and administrative enforcement actions taken by DNREC from 1994 to mid-2001.
SelectA.P. Croll & Son Inc.98-A-0021$1,000.00 per day if requirements of Notice of Conciliation not met
SelectAcro Extrusion Corporation95-A-0004$5,000.00
SelectAffordable Home Enterprises, Inc./Duck Creek Mobile Home Park96-A-0009 & 92-A-0024$10,000.00
SelectAllen Family Foods, Inc.94-A-0003$5,000.00
SelectAlliedSignal (p/k/a Honeywell International)3/5/96$54,000.00
SelectAlliedSignal, Inc. (p/k/a Honeywell International)99-A-0054 and 2000-A-0061$42,000.00
SelectAlloy Surfaces Co., Inc.98-A-0027$1,000.00 per day if requirements of Secretary's Order not met
SelectAtlantic Aviation Corporation97-A-0042Originally assessed $48,000.00 with $24,000.00 waived if conditions in Notice of Administrative Penalty Assessment and Secretary's Order were met.
SelectAtlantic Contracting & Material Company, Inc.95-A-0042 & 96C-04-024-JTVOriginally $23,400.00 as per administrative action.
SelectAtlantic Contracting & Material Company, Inc.96-A-0002$5,000.00
For a more current, complete and comprehensive listing of DNREC's civil and administrative actions, please use the Delaware Environmental Navigator.