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T46 Site Map - Select for detailed map
T46Site Map.  Located on the north side of New Road in Elsmere east of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tracks, Site T46 covers approximately 0.7 acres. [detailed map ~300k]

Historical Findings

Analysis of historical documents identified one tannery or tannery-related industry on the <%=histResults(0).source%> Atlas at this location:

1927 Sanborn , Map 246 [map ~120k]

Site Photographs


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Field Investigation Observations

Land Use

On-site Landuse
This site is almost entirely paved parking in front of a roller rink. It adjoins a stream running through Newport.

Adjacent Landuse
The area around this site is mostly light industrial enterprises. To the south is an area of debris piled up inside a high fence underneath Wilmington Avenue. A creek flows on the east side of the property. The railroad right-of-way cuts through on the western side. Several light industrial and heavy commercial businesses, including Angerstein's Hardware, are located across the tracks.

Presence of Children

Because the site is now a roller rink, it is assumed that children frequent the area.

Exposed Soil

The area is entirely paved, with a stream running along the eastern edge. Some brush vegetation divides the parking area from the stream.

Area covered in grass or mulch: Area of directly exposed soil: