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T39 Site Map - Select for detailed map
T39Site Map.  Located on the western side of Adams Street between 3rd and 4th Streets beneath Interstate 95, Site T39 covers approximately 0.863 acres. [detailed map ~300k]

Historical Findings

Analysis of historical documents identified one tannery or tannery-related industry on the <%=histResults(0).source%> Atlas at this location:

1876 Hopkins , Map 34 [map ~120k]

Site Photographs


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On 4/4/2002 surface soil samples were collected from Park (State)


Field Investigation Observations

Land Use

On-site Landuse
This site, beneath Interstate 95, is a public park. The area where a tannery historically sat is currently home to a recycling center with paved lot, a construction staging area, paved parking and a grass area with large trees.

Adjacent Landuse
The area immediately around the site is parkland, commercial and residential, however the park itself draws children from a larger region of row houses and apartments on both sides of I-95. The park continues to the south across 3rd Street to 2nd Street. Just north of 4th Street, Interstate 95 is no longer elevated and begins a road cut into the hillside. The area to the west of the park is dense residential development consisting of primarily row houses with a few small commercial establishments interspersed. To the east is the Adams 4 Shopping Plaza; north, east and south of which are row houses and apartments.

Presence of Children

The site is a heavily used public park serving a large residential area. This section of the park is not heavily used for recreation and children's use of the area is probably minimal.

Exposed Soil

The construction staging areas are gravel with large areas of exposed soil around the recycling center and entrances. A large central parking area is paved. The remainder of the site is covered almost entirely in grass.

Area covered in grass or mulch: Area of directly exposed soil: