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T28 Site Map - Select for detailed map
T28Site Map.  Located on the southeastern corner of 9th and Walnut Streets to the past intersection of Wilson and Taylor Streets, Site T28 covers approximately 0.828 acres. [detailed map ~300k]

Historical Findings

Analysis of historical documents identified two tanneries or tannery-related industries at this location:

1901 Baist , Map 5 [map ~120k]
1901 Sanborn , Map 16 [map ~120k]

Site Photographs

Label DE1233 & DE1234

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Field Investigation Observations

Land Use

On-site Landuse
The Compton Towne Court town homes and the Compton Court Apartments occupy this site. The southern portion of the area is parking lot while the northern two-thirds are residences with grass and exposed soil in the front and rear of the homes.

Adjacent Landuse
The area around the site is a mix of residential and commercial uses. Across Walnut Street to the west is entirely commercial and governmental buildings including state and federal offices. South of the site across the old Taylor Street right-of-way sits the Ezion-Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church. The Compton Towne Apartments complete the remaining 5/8ths of the block. To the north and east is found several blocks of row houses with small commercial enterprises interspersed.

Presence of Children

Many children were observed on this site during Tetra Tech's investigation of the site, on both the town homes and church property.

Exposed Soil

The front of the homes are generally landscaped and backyards in grass. Large areas of exposed soil exist in the yards and common areas between properties and along the parking area.

Area covered in grass or mulch: Area of directly exposed soil: