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T22 Site Map - Select for detailed map
T22Site Map.  Located on the northeastern corner of Elm and Adams Streets, Site T22 covers approximately 0.286 acres. [detailed map ~300k]

Historical Findings

Analysis of historical documents identified three tanneries or tannery-related industries at this location:

1927 Sanborn , Map 70 [map ~120k]
1936 Franklin , Map 17 [map ~120k]
1948 Sanborn , Map 70 [map ~120k]

Site Photographs


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Field Investigation Observations

Land Use

On-site Landuse
The City of Wilmington Forensic Sciences Center occupies this site. A parking lot is found along Elm Street and the main building occupies the majority of the rest of the area.

Adjacent Landuse
The area around this site is primarily heavy commercial uses. To the north is the DART maintenance facility and bus parking lots. To the north and east on the same lot is more of the Forensic Sciences Center which the historic tannery covers only part of. To the southeast on the same block is a mixed-use section of row houses including a general contractor, residences and travel office. Across Elm Street is a small park in grass with a landscaped center in a triangular median defined by Elm Street, Adams Street and Maryland Avenue. Across Adams Street to the west is the I-95 right-of-way. In this area beneath the highway itself there are very large areas of exposed soil. A fence encloses a DAT parking lot under the highway that extends along Chestnut Street wrapping around the bridge abutments and up Adams Street.

Presence of Children

There are no nearby residential properties and no recreational opportunities on the site.

Exposed Soil

A narrow grass and landscaped strip runs along Adams Street. The remainder of the site is covered in asphalt or structure.

Area covered in grass or mulch: Area of directly exposed soil: