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T21 Site Map - Select for detailed map
T21Site Map.  Located on the southeastern corner of 5th and Tatnall Streets, Site T21 covers approximately 0.673 acres. [detailed map ~300k]

Historical Findings

Analysis of historical documents identified two tanneries or tannery-related industries at this location:

1936 Franklin , Map 17 [map ~120k]
1868 Beers , Map 10 [map ~120k]

Site Photographs


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Field Investigation Observations

Land Use

On-site Landuse
The majority of the site is a new apartment complex. An electrician's shop, a chiropractor and possibly a barbershop are located on the southern portion of the historic tannery outline.

Adjacent Landuse
The area around this site is primarily commercial uses with residential uses nearby. North is a large fenced parking area and one structure (Site T33). To the east on the same block immediately adjacent to the tannery is a small grass and soil area (200 W 5th Street & 423-425 N Orange Street). To the south on the same block a number of commercial enterprises including an electrician, chiropractor, barber, pizza, lighting store, radiator repair shop and the Downtown Visitors Center. West across Tatnall Street are a couple commercial enterprises, a gravel parking area and a large abandoned lot.

Presence of Children

Although no children were observed in four site visits, it may be assumed that children reside in the apartment complex. The area to the west is also residential, however the site itself presents little in the way of recreational uses for children. A small grassy area at the rear of the apartment complex may be used as a play area for young children.

Exposed Soil

Small grassy areas are found along Tatnall Street and behind the apartment complex on the southeast corner. The remainder of the area is paved or structure.

Area covered in grass or mulch: Area of directly exposed soil: