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  This report was compiled based on information Tetra Tech obtained from sources in the public domain. The conclusions and recommendations herein are based solely on the information Tetra Tech obtained in compiling the report. Documentation for the statements made in the report is included in the report and additional information is on file at Tetra Tech's Christiana, Delaware office. Tetra Tech makes no warranty as to the accuracy of statements made by others which may be contained in the report, nor are any other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, included or intended by the report except that it has been prepared in accordance with the current generally accepted practices and standards consistent with the level of care and skill exercised under similar circumstances by other professional consultants or firms performing the same or similar services. Since the facts forming the basis for the report are subject to professional interpretation, differing conclusions could be reached. Tetra Tech does not assume responsibility for the discovery and elimination of hazards that could possibly cause accidents, injuries or damage. Compliance with submitted recommendations or suggestions does not assure elimination of hazards or the fulfillment of clients' obligations under local, state or federal laws or any modifications or changes to such laws.

  None of the work performed hereunder shall constitute or be represented as a legal opinion of any kind or nature, but shall be a representation of findings of fact from records examined.

    Report prepared by:
    Brent Thomas
    Project Scientist/Webmaster

    Report reviewed by:
    Kevin Hansen, P.G.
    Department Manager, Environmental Sciences